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Ellie Broke Her Leg

My kitten Ellie is a little brat… She’s had a hard life, but she’s also been spoiled rotten. I’ve been panning to bring her with me when i move in August, but the little money threw a wrench in our plans; she broke her leg in two places. (you guessed it; this is why I’ve been inactive). Who knows how she did it… I found her limping in the unfinished side of our basement, so it’s possible she fell from near the ceiling onto concrete. Foolish kitty.


She has a sparkly splint and a cone of shame. She’s miserable, and keeps screaming at us. She leaned how to do a real meow instead of just rasping her throat. I’m so proud. /sarcasm


After a week we had to get it changed; this time it’s pink. Our vet in giving her the best treatment, and he’s even used a laser to help it hear! (I didn’t know people did that to human bones even…). I was worried her bones would be fragile since she was so malnourished when we found her, but he says she’s fine.

Do you have any pet mischief stories? Hopefully where the baby was okay in the end.