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Closet Update: Triumph Over Yogurt

A great feature in my apartment is all the closet space. Across from the bathroom is a walk-in closet that’s as large as that whole room plus the tub! With the help of my BF, I’ve been getting a clothes system together that’s easy for depressed yogurt like me to maintain.

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New Semester

Hello everybody! Perhaps it’s just random, but I’ve noticed several new followers have appeared. Welcome! I’m curious if there’s a particular reason you’ve found this corner of WordPress.


This week was the beginning of my new semester. Last year was a struggle in many ways, and I really shut down emotionally while I pushed through it. Over break I tried to get back in touch with myself, but I’m not really sure if I made progress.

In other news, I may be changing majors from Computer Science to Interpretative Dance! Just kidding!

Actually, I might switch from a Computer Science BS to an Information Science BS. What’s the difference? For me, fewer unfilled requirements and less coding, apparently. The IS major has a concentration in game development too, which I’m looking into. Right now I’m taking several IS classes, but they might be really easy since I have an Associates in CS already.

My goal for this semester will be to learn to manage assignments efficiently. I’m filling some spare credits with music and dance classes, which is pretty exciting.

What are your assignment managing strategies? And do you want me to write up reviews of my old glam bags?


Health and Beauty, personal

Moved + Haircut

The thing in Charlottesville is a post for another day: Cville is my hometown, and I need some time to organize my thoughts.

This period of my life has been so exhausting, I don’t really know where to start. I’ve lived on my own now for a few days, and it’s been nice to have so much control over my day and my environment. My life at home wasn’t so great, to be honest. Packing was a nightmare because my boyfriend was the only one who would help me pack, despite my family consisting of six people.

Anyway, the post about my haircut is something I’ve planned for a while. Long hair was always a beauty related thing to me; as a kid I remember wanting hair that would reach the floor. I love how long hair looks on other people, too. But I would get frustrated and jealous, since in a small town in the south, you see a lot of girls with hair that’s waist length or longer. In my mid teen I was pretty unhealthy, and my hair became really damaged, breaking off until it was almost shoulder length. I babied it for a few years, keeping as much length as possible, but the ugly ends always made me feel depressed. Since I think the 1920’s was a fascinating period, I’ve been planning for years to get a bob cut when the ’20’s come back around.

During the harder parts of the school year in January, I started washing it less and less. showering became a chore and sometimes I would go for longer than a week before taking one… So I knew I needed a change; self care needs to be as easy as possible for me, since it’s a bit of a struggle.

I do feel disappointed and less cute sometimes, like if I’m looking as some Japanese illustration like this or this, but I’m really enjoying the low maintenance of a short cut. Showering is half as long now! I can towel it dry! I never need to brush it! And with a bit of styling, I still feel cute and feminine.


I don’t feel very different, so I keep waiting for it to sink in, but I guess I just feel normal. How do you feel when you get a haircut?