About Helena

I’m 22, a computer science student, and gaming and makeup are two of my hobbies. This is a blog I’m keeping for fun, with the goal of being entertaining and helpful to readers. I’ll be keeping you posted on my struggles trying to be healthy and happy as a student who’s Too School For Cool.

Gaming is slowly becoming a bigger part of my life, mostly because it allows me to connect with my long-distance partner. I intend to go into game development upon graduation, so I might be posting some indie games here!

Games I like: Minecraft, Overwatch, Fire emblem, D&D, Oblivion (elder scrolls), Portal, Animal Crossing, Mystic Messenger (fascinating set up!), Dragon Age, and more. (one of those things is not like the others…)

Makeup and beauty are another interest of mine. While you could say I’m just succumbing to society’s pressure to conform, I’d like to think it’s an outlet for creativity (And lets face it, I gotta be relatively ‘normal’ to get a job…). I like classic looks that are vintage inspired, as well as ‘cute’ styles from Asia. Lately I’m really into skin care, since I want to finally see the last of my acne! I believe in body positivety, and freedom of identity and expression. I’m also going to post tips for low-spoons health and beauty (Read about spoon theory here).


I occasionally use coarse language, and intend for this blog to be aimed at older teens and adults, but I don’t expect to be sharing rated content here. In the unlikely event, (such as reviewing a mature game), I’ll post the appropriate warnings. If you need a specific trigger warning, go ahead let me know; PTSD is the worst 😦