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Life Hack: Washing Blood From Sheets

Most women have experienced waking up to a pool of blood in their bed. There was a period of over two years where I menstruated constantly, so I have a lot of experience removing menstrual blood. The other night I found out that it works for pools of real blood too, believe it or not 😀

(Mature content warning: mild)

A frolic under the sheets went south, and I accidentally tore a part of my vagina. By the time we realized it (hey, it was dark), my bed was soaked and we were dripping with blood. Queue the panic as we try to find the source! Honestly, I’m traumatized. Listen to your body and be careful with it! 😰 Fortunately, I’m fine. I seriously didn’t want to deal with the cleanup, though.

My first piece of advice is preventative: use a waterproof liner under your sheets. Pulling one off so much better than sponge cleaning blood out of your bed. Just put it on your mattress, for real. They’re easy to find, and easy to use. If you ever bring drinks into the bedroom it’s a good idea anyway, but it’ll also protect the mattress from sweat, drool, or other bodily fluids.

Secondly, the sooner you wash, the better! If it’s still completely wet, you can just rinse the blood out! If you can’t wash it right away, wet it and work some soap into it, and let it sit (still soapy) until you wash it properly; it’ll prevent staining.

I’ve never, ever had a washing machine get a bloodstain out without help, unless maybe it’s still completely wet. If you’re feeling a little lazy, you can just rub some detergent or dish soap into the stain, and a recent stain should come all the way out.

Handwashing is the best method. When washing panties, I’ve found hand soap the be the best, especially for working into dried stains. Something about the texture works into the fabric well, and enough scrubbing can almost completely fade stains that were older than I care to admit.

For sheets, pull the stained part into a point, and hold it under running water. I typically try to wet as small a part as possible, to prevent bloody water from seeping everywhere, especially for wet stains. Once the rinsing stops making progress, there will usually be a brown ring around the edge where the blood started to dry. Work your soap of choice into the fabric, and scrub the fabric against itself to work the blood out. You’ll want it to be saturated with soap, so don’t submerged it in water for this.

Hydrogen peroxide can be used to help remove blood, too, but I haven’t found a noticeable difference since I need so wash it with soap anyway. It won’t remove very old stains effectively, either.

Is this something you’d want a video of? Let me know. Also, tell me if you have any tips of you own, or an unfortunate mishap like mine. Misery loves company?



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