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Closet Update: Triumph Over Yogurt

A great feature in my apartment is all the closet space. Across from the bathroom is a walk-in closet that’s as large as that whole room plus the tub! With the help of my BF, I’ve been getting a clothes system together that’s easy for depressed yogurt like me to maintain.

The yogurt joke goes back to a tumblr meme, actually. I’ll clue you in since it expresses me so well:


(I’m never getting over it, FYI. Just brace yourself).


So… closets.

Real estate for floor is more valuable than closet space, by my estimate of my apartment. So while selecting my clothes when moving out, I decided to go as minimalist as possible (for me). And, instead of bringing my giant wooden dresser or buying a new one, I decided to use those hanging closet shelves.

Partway through this move, I came across an interesting book called Spark Joy by Marie Kondo. My desire to emulate an idealistic tidy apartment was ignited, however, I didn’t really have any way of implementing the recommended storage solution for clothes: drawers. I also discovered that for things like undergarments and socks, drawers are a necessity.

Eventually, I measured the hanging shelves and my little corner rack, and off we went to Targèt.


Here’s what we came up with. Not stunning, but let me tell you: for depressed yogurt like me, this is the most beautiful closet I’ve ever used. On one side is the cloth hampers where darks, reds, and whites go when I undress, and in the other are baskets into which clean clothes can be emptied while (or in case I don’t) sort and hang them.

That laundry system was designed for me by my partner, who tried to eliminate as many obstacles as possible between me and having clean clothes to wear. Getting so much support is pretty incredible; I don’t think even my mom ever tried so hard for me. Instead of trying to make me conform to something convenient, my BF looked at where I’m at now. Wild.

So, does it work? Mostly. Some laundry did already end up on the floor, but most of it is in the hampers. I think I’m out if clean long sleeved shirts today, but I’m free tomorrow morning to wash a quick load. So Adult.

I’d love to hear about what y’all do to keep your clothes in order. How do you stay on top of loads? And are you some type of yogurt too?



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