New Semester

Hello everybody! Perhaps it’s just random, but I’ve noticed several new followers have appeared. Welcome! I’m curious if there’s a particular reason you’ve found this corner of WordPress.


This week was the beginning of my new semester. Last year was a struggle in many ways, and I really shut down emotionally while I pushed through it. Over break I tried to get back in touch with myself, but I’m not really sure if I made progress.

In other news, I may be changing majors from Computer Science to Interpretative Dance! Just kidding!

Actually, I might switch from a Computer Science BS to an Information Science BS. What’s the difference? For me, fewer unfilled requirements and less coding, apparently. The IS major has a concentration in game development too, which I’m looking into. Right now I’m taking several IS classes, but they might be really easy since I have an Associates in CS already.

My goal for this semester will be to learn to manage assignments efficiently. I’m filling some spare credits with music and dance classes, which is pretty exciting.

What are your assignment managing strategies? And do you want me to write up reviews of my old glam bags?



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