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June 2017 Ipsy: What’s in My Glam Bag!

I know this is really late; with how busy I’ve been, I haven’t had the chance to properly test out the products. I decided to go ahead anyway, but some of the reviews are bases on early impressions.

I’m not crazy about lip motifs, since it’s always seemed like one of those shallow marketing polys for teens, like shoe shaped everything. But coupled with the theme of speaking out, and a subtle polka dot background, I like it alright. DSCN6203

On to the contents:

NYX whipped lip and cheek Souffle .27 oz in cocoa beanDSCN6217


This has a nice, very creamy and fluffy texture, with a warm red-brown color. I don’t usually wear cream blush, but it can give a nice, natural looking flush.


Beauty For Real I-LINE 24-7 Eyeliner in 24 Karat .28gDSCN6214


I love the look I’ve been seeing around, where you do a black cat-eye lined with gold, so I was so excited to get this liner! I haven’t tested this for longevity, but the swatches are creamy and nicely smudge resistant!


theBalm Cosmetics Balm Springs Blush 1gDSCN6210

$21.00 for 5.6g -> ~$3.75 (I accidentally received two of these. Score!).

A lovely natural blush. The texture is a smooth powder that builds slowly. It’s not a creamy and thick application, which mean on light skin it’s going to be very easy to get a natural looking application, but building more color might be hard. I’m doubtful that it would work for darker skin tones, but do correct me if I’m wrong!


Hey Honey Uncover Detoxifying mud mask .5 oz/15mlDSCN6212

$54.00 for 17oz/50ml -> ~$16

A nicely formulated honey mask. If you’re new to these, be prepared for the stickiness. I’ve used this a few times, and I like that you can used ti to exfoliate while you wash it off. It’s not drying or harsh, so I would think it’s suitable for sensitive skin. It smells like honey and mint.


City Color Cosmetics Shimmer Shadow .129oz in Cheers to LifeDSCN6208


This is a light, gold tinted copper with a ton of shimmer. Swatched it seems to blend and build nicely! I like that it’s shiny instead of glittery; I wore too much glitter eye shadow as a teen, and wearing it now makes me feel tacky…


Total Value: $44.74. Not bad at all! ($48.49 if you count the extra blush)

Not as exciting as it could be, but a solid bag with products I’ll use happily.

Thanks for reading!


PS, this post was made possible by my bf, who bought me a new cable for my camera as soon as he heard I’d lost my old one. The bad photos are because I was in a rush…


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