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May 2017 Ipsy Glam Bag: Worth $90??

I think I hit the jackpot! :0 Summary below. I unfortunately had to use my phone to take photos, since I lost the cable for my camera.

This months bag has a summer pool party theme, and the bag itself is pretty cute!


I received these 5 items in my bag:

Mannaka Kadar Cosmetics, Radiance Split Pan Bronzer and Highlighter Duo (.105oz)


Value: $21.00 *I can’t find the original’s size, but it appears to be the same.

Nice colors that blend nicely. The bronzer is just as sparkly as the highlighter, so it’s not ideal for contouring. That’s what I mostly use bronzer for, so I don’t think I’ll be wearing it except as an eyeshadow


IT Cosmetics,  Superhero Elastic Stretch Volumizing Mascara in Black (.17oz)


Value: $24.00 for .3oz -> ~$13

I have the hardest time getting mascara to stay, but this one passed the test. It’s more on the side of volumizing than lengthening.


CAYLIN Cosmetics, Pure Lust Extreme Matte Tint + Velvet in #32 Practicable (.12oz)


Value: $19.00

Mine was very thick and drying. With some hydrating lip balm underneath and a carful coat (too thick and it clumps up when you blot your lips together), it’s a nice matte with impressive longevity. The color is totally my thing.


Adesse New York, Organic Infused Gel Effect Nail Lacquer in Surfer Girl (11ml)


Value: $18.00

I love this brand’s ‘gell’ polish. This one was hard to get even with one coat, but did smooth out a bit as it was drying. Under preformed compared to the Adesse red I used previously, but still lasted longer than regular polish does for me. Tested with no base or topcoat, and lasted 3-4 days before chipping became too noticeable


Luxie Beauty, Luxie Dreamcatcher Precision Foundation Brush 660


Value: $23.00

I love this brush. I got it damp and used it to apply bb cream, and it went on like a dream. I’ve gotten this brand in the past and the brushes seem to hold up well, but this is the first time they hit a homerun with me


The total retail value is $94! Damn, that’s good for a $10 bag. I had to triple check my numbers because I couldn’t believe it at first!

For ease of calculation I’ve been using the original brand prices, so I’m sure these can be purchased for much cheaper; there’s a popular marketing ploy where brands price high for the first month or so, and then lower it with frequent ‘sales’ at its real value. Kohl’s is the master of this. But still; Damn! I was considering quitting Ipsy to save a bit of money, but honestly calculating this changed my mind. (I sound like an add. I swear I’m not being paid!)

Please fill me in on any unbelievable subscriptions you’ve seen or received.



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